Upates & Announcements

Ambassadors Needed!

Looking for a fun way to get involved? We’re looking for ambassadors to help spread the word about or organization! Adults, teens, and children encouraged to help out!* Help us share what we do, garner donations, sit in on planning meetings with us, actively volunteer with our organization, and more! You’ll get a shirt and business cards to pass out, and training on how to network, a little bit of public speaking, and the fulfillment of knowing you are part of a great cause.

*Under age 18 will need parent consent

Holiday Help Success!

A big THANK YOU to those of you who donated to our December 2022 campaign! We were able to provide a family in need: Toys for the children, comfort items for the parents, household necessities, food, and a grocery store gift card! Your generous support is appreciated!

Thanksgiving Meals Success!

Thank you to those of you who donated to our November 2022 campaign! We were able to provide two full meals to local families going through hard times. Full main courses and desserts, plus some books, games, and other family bonding fun!