Our founder, Delilah, aspires to be a school teacher, a daycare owner, a nurse, a sign language interpreter, a famous ventriloquist, her own boss, an artist, an author, a broadway singer, an actress, a scientist, a jet pilot, and the president. She loves Jesus, her family, her pets, and has a huge heart for helping people.

Our Board of Directors is comprised of three local community members with vast experience in community service and helping children, adults, and families thrive.

A spark…

What started as a sad day, tears, and sleepless nights, turned into a fully formed non-profit 501c3 charity that’s helped spread a helping hand to over 600 people and counting since early 2020.

The charity is born…

At 10 years old, Delilah began having an unrelenting concern for the homeless population. Seeing homeless out on the streets while taking drives or visiting shopping areas always concerned her, but one day in particular she noticed a man who was laying in the middle of the sidewalk outside of a mall in plain view of everyone walking around and over him, and even a police car that stopped next to him at the red light and even an ambulance that drove by. For a child, it was confusing as to why none of the people who were supposed to “help” did anything but look at him and continue on with their day. This man had on a shirt way too small, was dirty and looked sad, and was holding a small teddy bear. This image was too much for Delilah to handle. She was sad, and it stuck with her so much so that she hardly slept the next few nights, and cried, a lot.

She felt incredibly sad and concerned. 

After many tears, many deep discussions about homelessness over the coming days, many questions (and her moms attempts at answers), Delilah decided that helping homeless people would be something she needed to pursue.  It seemed like a calling.. something she was called to do.

Delilah and her mom brought the plight of homelessness to her scout troop in December 2019 and she and her troop-mates completed a successful fundraiser where they were able to raise enough money to purchase items for, and put together, 100 care packs for homeless in the community.  All of the troop members were delighted at the outcome, and Delilah felt good that she was able to not only help homeless in her community, but also spread that spark to others and get them interesting in helping, too.

This only sparked her passion even more.  Delilah realized she had the capability to actually directly help people and make positive impacts in peoples lives.

She felt happy again.  

Helping people helped her to feel happy.  

She wanted to help even more people.  She thought everyone could use a helping hand sometimes, especially the homeless.  

Delilah decided she wanted to continue to be a force for good for as long as she could.  She talked a lot about starting her own charity foundation. She asked her mom if she could help homeless people all of the time. She asked, and asked, and asked.  …..Then she asked some more.  

One day her mom found a writing assignment from school while going through her backpack.  The writing assignment was to be goals and New Years resolutions for the upcoming new year (2020).  Delilah wrote that her goal for herself for 2020 was to help more homeless; specifically 150 people by herself by the end of the year.

When her mom found this, she knew she needed to help set her up for success and give her a boost.  

Her mom told her the things she should do to start a charity… and Delilah already had a name picked out.. Delilah K’s Helping Hands.  This girl was already ready..  and mom needed to get up to speed!  
This girl was on a mission.

Delilah came up with the name, the logo and helped with website creation and content. She came up with creative fundraising ideas, and in the Fall of 2020 was able to reach her goal of 150 care packs, even surpassing her goal and getting to 230 care packages by the end of 2020!

And today…

As of spring 2022, Delilah’s charity has helped over 600 people and counting.

After reaching her personal goal for her new years resolution back in 2020, Delilah decided to continue her charity mission for as long as she could, and branched out to begin helping anyone and everyone in need, as often as she could.

Her humble beginnings with care pacakges for the homeless are still and always will be a staple of the organization’s mission.

In addition to the care packages for homeless, she has helped low income seniors, foster children, families in battered women and childrens shelters, coordinated toy drives, raised funds and donations for families impacted by house fires, donated supplies to the Ronald McDonald House residents, and even helped a handicapped baby goat on a rescue farm!

She has an unconditional concern and care for others and helps anyone she can at any time.

Your donations go directly to helping those in need.

Thank you for your support.

God Bless ❤

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